Independent Houses

Independent Houses

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Our Residential Leasing Business Model is specially designed exclusively for Expatriate Clients.

We make it easy for you to find the perfect Rental Apartment / Villa that meets your location, price and amenity preferences. Our staff provides fast, friendly one-on-one personalized service. We are committed to provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation throughout and we have a track record of top expatriate clients living comfortably and happily in Delhi and NCR.

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We have team of professionals who are constantly in touch with the Apartment owners to refresh the latest inventory of best available Apartments in town.

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For landlords our advice is that once you are done buying a villa, you must cast your eyes upon the rental plans, rates, housekeeping and other necessities. You must have a clear idea of the rental of other competitive rental villas and then set yours. The most important things to be kept in mind while determining the rental rates is the locality, the size of the property and the amenities the villa will offer. All these factors will determine the rates of the villa. Furnish your villa properly. Proper furnishing and appealing décor will take you a long way in the villa rental business. The décor and amenities of the rooms should be in proper par with the rates you quote.