Pre Rented Investments

Pre Rented Investments

Pre rented or Pre-Leased commercial property

Pre rented or Pre-Leased commercial property which is leased out to Tenants for a mutually agreed lease period & terms & conditions in lieu of rent on monthly basis.
Normally standard lease period in commercial office space scenario is 9 years with 3-5 years of lock-in period with 15-20% escalation clause every three years. Usually ready to move in property where tenant is already occupied the space are considered pre rented properties but now a days under construction projects which has already signed verified lease with the potential tenants is also termed as pre-leased property. Pre rented commercial property is considered safest investment options in real estate segment as there is hardly any risk regarding your hard-earned money as property is already in physical form.

All Commercial Office Spaces/ Retail Spaces

International tenants or brands

This concept implies to all commercial office spaces/ Retail Spaces which are leased out to international tenants or brands.
Usually ROI in commercial property (i.e. 6%-8%) is higher compared to residential pre-leased and commercial property tends to appreciate more in long run than residential properties.

Key points before investing in pre-rented/ pre-leased property.

a. Location of Property .

b. Tenant Profile e

c. Building age & Maintenance

d. Due Diligence of Documents

e. Difference between rented and vacant

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